Developers Guide

If you're looking for technical documentation on the Iray SDK and its applications then you're in the right place. All papers are available for download.

Iray Whitepaper

Review the key features and benefits of Iray, how it can be implemented and the principles underpinning the technology.



Iray+ Materials

An overview of the latest Iray+ materials.



Lightworks Iray+ Architectural Toolkit

This document introduces Lightworks’ Architectural Toolkit using Iray+, built on NVIDIA’s Iray, rendering technology. Iray+ is a physically based, interactive ray trace rendering solution. It enables architects and designers to simulate accurate, real-world lighting scenarios for design reviews, lighting simulations and sunlight studies. All of which can be achieved in a fully interactive workflow.



Lightworks Iray+ Technical Overview

Review all the latest features and functionality available in the Iray+ SDK.



Materials Definition Language Specification 1.1.

This provides specific details on the construction of the NVIDIA MDL. It details how this can be used as a base for further language and materials development, for understanding the technology, or for adaptation by other rendering technologies wanting to use the MDL for their own materials descriptions.



Materials Definition Language Technical Introduction

This provides illustrative examples of the use of MDL through the comparison of images and associated code.

Additional information and peer-to-peer sharing can be found on the NVIDIA blog.


How Do I Get The Iray+ SDK?

 Iray SDK Process Diagram (002)


Once you’ve requested your free trial, a member of our team will get in contact with you to discuss your project in depth and how you plan to use the SDK, in order for us to understand your goal better.


We understand that the implementation of any new technology may be a daunting process. We have our very own experienced integration consultants here at Lightworks that will assist in incorporating the Iray SDK, whatever the use case.

Simply get in touch today with our team to start your Iray+ journey!


To discuss support for a project, please contact one of the team to find out more.