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Iray SDK integration consultancy

We understand that each company requires different levels of support for SDK implementation. That's why we've developed two clear consultancy packages that allow you to get started quickly, and factor the time and expenditure associated with the project.

Our Quick Start Plus consultancy package offers seven days of remote support from one of our experienced Iray SDK integration specialists.

The Quick Start Enterprise package offers the seven days of remote support and five days of onsite support to get your project underway if you require more consultancy support for the implementation of the Iray SDK.

We've reviewed the different levels of support needed by companies; these packages reflect the average required for most implementations. Obviously, if your project requires more, or less support then we can tailor our services to suit your exact needs.

“Working with the team at Lightworks has allowed us to go from an idea to a commercial product in under a year. The technical support has been excellent, especially when you consider just how complex a Synchro animation can be. We needed the ability to ray-trace a project at any moment in the construction sequence, in real-time. This was no small task for our development team, and we could not have got this done without Lighworks’ top-notch support.” 

Greg Demchak, Director of Product Management, Synchro Software

To discuss support for a project, please contact one of the team to find out more.