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Happy Birthday iray!

Exactly 10 years ago, the iray prototype project was started mostly from scratch with the (at the time) unique goal of getting maximum performance out of all CUDA based GPUs, while at the same time providing maximum rendering quality at high simulation precision, with as few knob- and parameter-tweaking as possible. That’s what I would thus consider the “birth” of the iray as we know it today.

Now, several million installations later (iray was and/or is still used in all major 3D applications, accompanied by dozens of specialized tools and visualization packages), we finally reached the 2-digit age!  :)

So greets to all the retired, new and veteran iray devs and supporters that were part of that development cycle and now go grab yourself some virtual cake and enjoy this trip-to-the-past-video from roughly 9 years ago (thanks to the unknown youtube user who archived this back then):

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Case Studies


FirstInvision, a small company based in Austria, have been working in the architectural sector for many years, specialising in CAD software. One of their applications, CasCADos, started development 15 years ago to provide top of the range architectural CAD software, offering design review, execution planning and visualisation tools to a range of architects, estate agents and builders across Europe and to an additional 16 distributors.

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