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vMaterials update

Head over to as the huge library got another large update:

Flexibility: Legacy Materials from 1.0.1 and 1.1.0  have been revamped with the designer in mind. They are being re-introduced with a curated collection of standardized presets and an intuitive parameter User Interface. Quickly and easily adjust your favorite materials like wood, and concrete to match the aesthetic needs of your project without having to manually change images.

Standardization: Enjoy cleaner, more intuitive vMaterials in this release. Preset patterns now match each other while pattern changes have been moved into their own dedicated material.  Finding the look you want and the color scheme you need to make the perfect visualization  will be easier than ever. See what’s changed by checking out Bricks, Tiles, and Wallpapers.

UI changes: vMaterials now have cleaner UIs and annotations, making it a breeze to understand parameters and make the changes you want to your materials.

Fixed: Materials with known bump and display issues have been fixed. Enjoy two sided mesh materials and ground materials hassle free!

And, as usual, a whole set of newly created materials for your projects!

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