All of the images below have been created by Lightworks using Iray technology.

In this gallery we display stunning and dramatics images that have all been created using the Iray for 3ds Max plug-in, which utilises Iray+ technology and features. Showing the extensive capabilities that Iray+ possesses, these images and scenes demonstrate the scope of 3D visual opportunities that are provided using Iray+. Striking, photo-real images are available for a range of industries looking to integrate visualisation technology into their workflow.

The images displayed show the versatility of Iray+, as physically-based and photo-real images can become a reality for a multitude of any industries. With all images and scenes created using features such as physically-based materials, interactive lighting settings and dynamic camera effects, Iray+ enables users to render with unparalleled realism.

Organic materials such as skin tones, flora and fauna, water and much more are represented with photo-real levels of accuracy. Architectural designs are transformed as interior and exterior scenes can be rendered in precise detail, which can be used for client pitches. Within a product design workflow Iray+ allows designers to have enhanced interaction and flexibility from initial concept to final design. The high-quality nature of the digital images can show all exclusive features of a car, all unique qualities of a piece of jewellery and all vivid creations in a fictional sci-fi scene. We update our galleries on a regular basis, displaying the features of Iray+ and the industries that can use it.