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Reduce the need for post production with photographic effects

Iray+ has a range of photographic features that can be applied in the same way as you would work with a camera; easily create stills and animations that don't require post-production using filters, depth-of-field, tone mapping and motion blur.

Users can perfect images and animations using the different camera modes available with Iray+. Images are more dynamic than an unedited photo using these effects, giving the impression of motion, depth, contrast and more. With no need to use a different application for post production, camera effects close the gap between design and reality.

Interactive Tone Mapping

Fully dynamic components mean that you can change the overall brightness, control highlights and shadows or focus saturation and white-points while the image is progressing. Tone mapping can be used to create aesthetically precise images, emphasise image details or to maximise image contract.


Choose from a variety of filters to achieve great post-process effects on your image or animation. For instance, the new Bloom filter approximates a bloom/glare result for subtle effects like adding halos to emissive objects. 

In Camera Depth-of-Field

Depth-of-field works across all render modes and can be applied across the full scene including environments and backplates.

Motion blur

Iray+ now has motion blur; easily create the blurred effect found when objects move through a photographic frame or the camera moves around an object. Applying special animated transforms to either an object or camera creates the illusion of movement to create dynamic images and animations.