FirstInvision, a small company based in Austria, have been working in the architectural sector for many years, specialising in CAD software. One of their applications, CasCADos, started development 15 years ago to provide top of the range architectural CAD software, offering design review, execution planning and visualisation tools to a range of architects, estate agents and builders across Europe and to an additional 16 distributors.


During their development process, FirstInvision originally ran CasCADos through DirectX. Although this software initially provided the sufficient function they were looking for, they found it struggled to showcase the most photorealistic render quality for their customers as potentially possible. They tested this with light maps, shadows maps and ambient shadows and always found the design looked more ‘drawing-like’ as opposed to the realistic images that other companies were offering their customers.

FirstInvision had already created their complete catalogue of materials, lighting and objects in their original DirectX library and simply wanted to integrate this with Iray to keep the process simple and user friendly.

Given that FirstInvision have a small customer base, from private users to small and upcoming companies, the price to performance ratio was one to be considered carefully, while keeping the software as simple as possible. The overall goal was to find a ‘one-click’ rendering software that ensured that their users would have little to no issues during the integration and usage process.  With all of these objectives in place, FirstInvision needed to ensure they kept the availability of their product open to a wide audience, and not tailor it solely to render specialists.



Some years ago, FirstInvision reached the conclusion that they couldn’t create a solution single handedly due to lack of resources and so trialled a variety of different SDKs for 6 months. They found that the trial integration of Iray provided the key to all functionality they were looking for. Iray gave them the answer of the ‘one-click’ render and completed their user interface with only one piece of software, instead of multiple, keeping the integration process from DirectX to Iray smooth. This therefore helped attain one of their main goals, of keeping CasCADos available to mass audiences, regardless of expertise.



Although FirstInvision have been integrating Iray software for less than two years, they are ‘really happy with making the right decision’ and remain confident that they have achieved the main objectives that they originally set years ago. Alongside this, Iray has allowed FirstInvision to provide their customers with a great and photoreal impression of how their design will look, complete with materials, shadows and light before the actual creation process starts.


Written by Shannon McGinty, Marketing Assistant


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