Cadalog Inc

Cadalog, Inc specialise in the distribution and localisation of CAD and computer graphics products, specifically in the Asian market for architectural and interior design review. Cadalog, Inc gain their largest revenue from being one of the distributors reselling SketchUp Pro. They also produce multiple plugins for SketchUp, solely geared towards high quality visualisation.


SU Podium (CPU based rendering plugin for SketchUp) is one of the most popular plugins created by Cadalog. In response to customer demand for fly-through animations they then created PodiumWalker, to complement SU Podium. Yet this new plugin didn’t quite provide the high-quality visualisation that Cadalog had hoped for. Instead it produced flat lighting, lost details in the shadows and they generally found that the photo accuracy and realistic rendering quality was less defined than they’d strived for.  This is where Cadalog started to search for something else to combat these visualisation issues.


Having seen examples of Iray's render quality with companies such as Daz3D, Cadalog began further research in comparing the speeds of other ray tracing options against Iray to solidify their decision. Their Cadalog’s CEO, David Wayne, felt the render quality, speed and reasonable licensing price was incomparable and integrating Iray was the logical fit to fulfill Cadalog’s needs. Wayne reached out to NVIDIA to enquire about additional photo-realistic rendering to enhance PodiumWalker, where they were then directed to Lightworks, where we carefully assisted them in the direction of the Iray+ SDK.

Having then integrated Iray+ into their software, they produced a further plugin, ProWalker. Cadalog’s next priority was to ensure they made the integration as seamless as possible for customers from SU Podium and PodiumWalker. They wanted to achieve this smooth transition by providing the user with an easy to use menu for tools and a unified interface for lighting and materials.


Cadalog, Inc found that the introduction of Iray+ ‘was an enormous step forward’. Comparing the previous product, PodiumWalker, closely against ProWalker, they found a drastic improvement in photo realistic light and shadow distribution and improved MDL materials greatly enhanced the overall aesthetic. Alongside this, Cadalog, Inc achieved their goal of the perfect fly-through animation that their customers had been hoping for.


Written by Shannon McGinty, Marketing Assistant

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