Steering for Success: Driving Up Automotive Sales with Iray®+

With an ever-growing electric and autonomous car market combined with millennial online shopping expectations, receptiveness to technology integration is becoming indispensable in all tiers of the automotive industry. 

Whether you’re an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), or a second tier supplier, immersive 3D imagery would easily revolutionise all stages of your operations; may that be manufacturing, designing new components or boosting sales and marketing.

The traditional car shopping experience of physically visiting multiple dealerships, seeking technical advice from salespeople and negotiating the best price possible is slowly but efficiently replaced with virtual showrooms and interactive 3D sales interfaces. Today’s consumers expect more from their shopping experience when buying their very first car and trends reveal that second hand car dealers should also gear up for change to keep pace with the ever-growing competition.

Those interested in buying a brand new or used car are looking for much more than technical specifications, high-sounding safety features or meticulous details on emission and environmental impact. 3D configurators and digital dealerships can not only allow customers to compare various makes and models in real time but lets them experiment with multiple shades of paint, surface finishes, tyre variations and interior elements, decals or extras not to mention custom environments, lighting settings and virtual test drives.


On the other hand, CGI visualisation and photorealistic animations hold major potential for tier two equipment manufacturers as well as design agencies in terms of prototyping, designing bespoke materials and interior elements; helping businesses to bridge geographical dislocation thus allowing for a more effective workflow, more engaging marketing, quicker logistics and multidisciplinary collaboration long before manufacturing.

Regardless of how much your business is currently engaged in 3D visualisation, Lightworks’ expert team and our tightly integrated Iray+ rendering technology will help you create engaging and realistic visuals – building upon our extensive Iray+ real world material library – for all your automotive needs. You could create incredibly immersive sales animations, 360-degree vehicle turntables through to cutting-edge virtual reality experiences; revving up your growth strategy!

In addition, Iray+ enables a more intuitive and uniform workflow and design visualisation that will let you better engage your existing or potential customers. Modern shoppers will appreciate spending less time in dealerships and more online by exploring and customising components or colours – and building their dream car – through the use of real time and pre-rendered configurators.

Moreover, stunning and shareable 3D visuals will direct traffic to your website, mobile and desktop applications helping to increase client retention, thus making customers forget about a cheaper price they found elsewhere. Ultimately, 3D collateral holds the potential to convince shoppers to leave better reviews for your service and products; speeding up your average conversion rate and boosting your industry reputation when it comes to online retailing and customer care.


As an equipment supplier, automotive manufacturer or external design agency you’ll be able to take advantage of Iray+’s multiple rendering modes. Whether it’s initial design or presenting results to stakeholders, Iray+ helps you choose the ideal interactive rendering option. Use the interactive fast mode for a quick photorealistic feedback on your concepts, the interactive direct mode for more informed decisions – including real-world materials and lighting – or experiment with our interactive preview mode;boasting direct lighting and the ability to intuitively change components before final completion. Iray’s photorealistic mode and ActiveShade window will bring you physically accurate simulations throughout modelling and will streamline your workflow from start to finish. 

3d technology automotive rendering nvidia

Iray+ can be used throughout your entire workflow, from the initial design review process through to the marketing and promotional stage, allowing all companies in the automotive industry to create consistent, high-quality 3D renders and outstanding marketing collateral to drive sales and engage consumers.

The materials and components modelled at the start of the workflow will behave and appear in 3D marketing simulations, such as point-of-sale configurators or animations, as they would in the real-world, reassuring designers, manufacturers and customers alike that what they see on screen is what they’ll see in dealerships.

Start creating incredible and scalable customer and retail experiences today with Iray+’s physically-based materials, lighting capabilities and Lightworks’ outstanding expertise. To learn more about the services we offer visit or to request the Iray+ SDK click here.



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