Lightworks Iray+ SDK powers configurator and VR demos at SIGGRAPH 2016.

In less than a month the Lightworks' team will head back to California for the annual SIGGRAPH conference, a major event for visualisation and CGI software companies.

Located at stand 725 we'll be showing how our Iray®+ technology can be used across applications, configurators and VR experiences to bring the best in photorealistic, physically based materials to point-of-sale customer engagement projects and the design review process.

VR powered by Iray for 3ds Max

As Iray+ can be integrated at all stages of the design and sales process with consistency of materials throughout, being able to export rendered models quickly and easily into a VR demo is the next step.

Our demos have been created using the Spherical Camera feature in Iray for 3ds Max plug-in, which was developed by Lightworks, before being exported into a standard Android viewer application; exporting to IOS compatible applications is also possible. The Spherical Camera feature will be available in the next version of Iray for 3ds Max, providing users with a quick and easy way to generate VR content and experiences.

Our demos show how different environments, ideas and styles can be rendered in an end-user applications and exported into a VR viewer, extending and enhancing the design workflow and streamlining the process from design to sales and marketing.

Visitors to stand 725 will get the chance to see how we've applied the technology to a configurable model of a retro VW campervan, a classic fairground carousel and a beautifully lit courtyard that takes the viewer from day to night.

Configuration for design review or at the point-of-sale

We create configurators - or help you integrate our SDK into your configuration solution - that range from fully pre-rendered to fully interactive, rendering in real-time either on a local network or on the cloud.

Pre rendered configurators are ideal for products where there are only a few customisable options, as the amount of rendered images required remains relatively small. Fully interactive configurators are the solution to innumerable interchangeable components that would be nigh-on impossible to render before-hand.

We'll be showing our interactive truck configurator, which renders live on a local workstation (provided by BOXX Technologies with two NVIDIA M6000 GPUs) and a motorcycle configurator, which combines interactive and pre-rendered components.

Once again we're proud to be joining forces with BOXX Technologies, who are supplying the workstation that powers our rendering technology Iray+.

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