Scalability and Cloud rendering with Iray+

Distribute rendering across multiple platforms with Iray®+.

Whilst access to high-quality rendered images has previously required users to own immensely powerful hardware in order to create photoreal digital images and animations, this is no longer the case with Iray+. With the ability to distribute rendering across multiple platforms, Iray+ provides users with the flexibility to render in a manner which is most appropriate for your workflow.

Iray+ provides users with flexibility through scalability. With Iray+ multi-threaded for CPU it automatically distributes rendering across all available CPU resources. Adding additional GPUs to a single CPU will increase the linear performance and renders will be completed quicker. Increased performance from additional GPUs massively improve render times. Rendering performance is scaled with this additional hardware and off-line rendering is spread throughout LAN connections. With the rendering workload distributed across multiple platforms rendering time will be decreased meaning one CPU won’t be overwhelmed by the task of rendering, as performance is scaled as appropriate.

Rendered metallics spheres

Cloud rendering allows users to render photorealistic visualisations using the cloud. With the cloud users require no additional or specialised software, as the process of rendering is undertaken remotely. Desktops don’t get clogged up or overworked using cloud rendering, which means users can work on other tasks whilst their images are rendering.

As the process of rendering has been viewed as both time-consuming and can take a lot of hardware in order to create dramatic and photorealistic images, the flexibility available uses the scalability and cloud rendering potential of Iray+. With these features CPUs don’t get bogged down and overworked whilst rendering images, freeing up users to work on other tasks whilst rendering is remotely undertaken. Rendering times are reduced and the number of renders that can be created is increased.

With the different rendering options available with Iray+ users have flexibility when rendering their images. To find out more about Iray+ visit our website here.


Iray® is a registered trademark of NVIDIA ARC GmbH used under license from the NVIDIA Corporation

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