Iray for 3ds Max - offically released

Lightworks is excited to announce the long awaited release of Iray for Autodesk 3ds Max, which enables 3ds Max users to take advantage of the advanced rendering capabilities of our technology Iray®+.

As 3ds Max is the leading 3D design software for modelling and animation, we wanted to provide its users with the capability to render their designs with physically-based and photoreal images. We have created a powerful yet simple application which gives users an interactive experience underpinned by Iray+ when rendering their designs. Physically-based materials give renders real-world accuracy when representing the aesthetics and behaviour of fabrics, textures, surfaces and more.     

The Iray for 3ds Max plug-in is part of NVIDIA’s Designworks suite of applications, providing developers and users with professional graphics and advanced rendering software. The plug-in itself has been designed to unleash the power of Iray’s interactivity and scalability whilst maintaining a fluid workflow that maximises visual feedback. 3ds Max users can now take advantage of the unique benefits that Iray+ provides, such as internal and external lighting structures, physically-based materials and photorealistic visuals. Iray+ is contemporary and easy-to-use, bringing easy, fast and accurate renders to 3ds Max users.  

Our CEO Dave Forrester has this to say on the launch: “Here at Lightworks we are proud to be launching the Iray for 3ds Max plug-in, which will bring our world-class visualisation technology to an expectant end-user base. Building upon our important relationship with NVIDIA, our developers have managed to create an intuitive and exciting product.”    

To access the numerous benefits the Iray for 3ds Max plug-in provides, it will cost users $295 per year, with the server licence costing an additional $295. With a time-limited free trial, users can try out the plug-in and see for themselves the simple yet powerful nature of the rendering software.

The plug-in is available now from the NVIDIA online store. If in the US or Canada visit this link to access the NIVIDA store, whilst if visting the store from the rest of the world use this link.

To register for a trial version of the Iray for 3ds Max plug-in visit the NVIDIA website here -


Iray® is a registered trademark of NVIDIA ARC GmbH used under license from the NVIDIA Corporation

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