Light Path Expressions - flexibility with lighting structures

Give your renders lighting flexibility with customisable Light Path Expressions available with Iray®+.

For this month’s feature we show how Iray+, built on NVIDIA’s Iray, provides flexibility for post-production and lighting structures through the usage of Light Path Expressions.

With the ability to capture and customise lighting features and arrangements, Light Path Expressions enable designers to dynamically explore the lighting in any given scene. A Light Path Expression extracts any desired light interaction and renders it into separate render elements and layers.

With this ability, you can explore in detail the lighting behaviour of a multitude of light emitting sources, and see how different lighting arrangements interact with objects and environments. Using these layers you can generate interactive and flexible lighting structures. Through adjusting the intensity and hue of lights, you can see how varied lighting arrangements and levels interact with environmental elements.

Light Path Expressions

Light Path Expressions allow you to render a range of interactions with any light and any object in your scene. Design flexibility with lighting arrangements is more accessible than ever, as you can isolate the interaction between any light source and object and view it in an isolated image. This flexibility allows users greater possibilities for post production effects and they can interact with their scene in a more detailed manner.

Up to 20 Light Path Expressions can be applied to extract specific render layers. These layers can be produced simultaneously with minimal impact on render times. Direct and indirect lighting can be extracted, whilst groups of lights can be placed into a single layer. With the ability to build up great value with an image or scene for post processing or dynamic customer presentations, you can experiment with lighting arrangements and environments to give endless flexibility and possibilities.

Next month’s feature will unpack how Iray+ has the capability for cloud rendering and scaling, and the benefits these features have for designers and users.




Iray® is a registered trademark of NVIDIA ARC GmbH used under license from the NVIDIA Corporation.

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