Lightworks Iray+ provides dynamic section planes

For this month’s feature we focus on the dynamic section planes available with Iray+ (built on NVIDIA’s Iray).

With the need to view all aspects of a design in a quick and flexible manner vital in any design process, Iray+ provides designers with numerous geometrical features that can be applied to their models. Iray+ offers the option to add dynamic section planes to a render – giving the ability to see specific photorealistic internal arrangements and mechanical models.

Dynamic section planes hand you the flexibility to ‘cut away’ part of your render to see interior parts of the model it would otherwise be difficult to view. Multiple section planes can be applied to a huge selection of models and designs, ranging from cars to buildings. In practice this means an architect can see the interior design of a project by cutting away an exterior wall, or a car designer can apply a panel to an automotive model to see the internal mechanical detail of an engine.

Dynamic section planes give you ultimate control when viewing your model; with a section plane applied to a model, the geometry on one side of the plane is no longer rendered, giving geometrical flexibility.

You can also make decisions over lighting environments. When a section plane has been applied, it is up to you whether the lighting arrangements stays the same – as if the removed section was still physically there – or is adjusted to take into account the amended geometry of the model.

If a section plane is applied to a model, then the removed section will still react with any natural or artificial light sources, occluding incoming light and creating shadows. With the Cliplight Parameter settings, you have the ability to keep the original lighting structure or you can change the lighting arrangement so it reflects the amended geometry of the model. With this feature you have flexibility with lighting environments whilst interacting with the internal mechanisms of your model that it would otherwise be difficult to view.

Dynamic sections planes give you the ability to examine all aspects of technical designs, as the flexibility to add a section plane to any part of the model gives you another layer of control when viewing your model. The opportunity to apply these section planes also provides interesting aesthetic options in design review and demonstrations. With the ability to see inside a model whilst not affecting the external aesthetics, you gain a greater understanding of internal mechanics and structures, giving you the freedom to interact with both the internal and external features of your models.     

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