Iray+ used for digital content for jewellery branding

In addition to developing our world-leading SDK, Iray+, we offer a range of creative services with the goal of integrating our technology into businesses, so they can enjoy the benefits that visualisaiton technology can bring.

We can build projects that mould our technology, our knowledge in application development and our creative expertise. This case study is just one example of how our technology can be utilised and the sort of projects we are capable of undertaking.  

Earlier this year we teamed up with jewellery brand Clogau to create a suite of digital and animated content to showcase their best-selling pieces.

Constant developments in technology, designed to enhance customer experience and create flexible applications, are having an effect across many industries and jewellery is no exception. Styles and trends are changing more rapidly than ever. With the proliferation of social media customers are now more connected than ever and are constantly exposed to frequently changing trends. Consumers demand a more engaging and interactive shopping experience to fulfil their expectations of customisation and personalisation. Businesses have to keep up with the continuously shifting preferences to provide this expectation of individuality.

Ken, Marketing Manager at Clogau, outlines this as he states; “the challenges of digital remain keeping everything up-to-date and keeping up with the pace of change, both in technology and consumer online consumption habits.”

This is especially prevalent within the high-end, luxury jewellery market. Customers need to be persuaded to part with their money, particularly when buying an expensive product. The need to differentiate from competitors, deliver an engaging customer experience and make the most of digital channels is vital for any business trying to achieve this. The use of digitally created visuals helped Clogau to achieve these goals through the creative services available at Lightworks, underpinned by world-leading visualisation technology.

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