Iray+ providing customisable lighting options and types

For this month’s feature we focus on the ready-to-use lighting available with Iray+.

Iray+ provides an array of lighting options and types. With a wide-range of ready-to-use lighting features, you can instantly see how your designs react to different lighting behaviours. A series of pre-calibrated HDR images are supplied for exterior, interior and studio-based environments. Iray+ likes light, so the more lights you add, the faster your image will converge.

House at dusk

The ready-to-use lighting available with Iray+ allows you to get real-time feedback on lighting behaviour. Whether you want to see the effect that shadows, and natural light, have on your photorealistic simulation or want to perform sunlight studies, Iray+ gives you the ability to do this. The Physical Sky provided can be wrapped around your scene creating a naturally lit environment perfect for analysing lighting behaviour.

With a range of different lighting features available, you can create specific lighting effects to produce your desired results. Iray+ provides you with the capability to switch between different light types, such as point, spot and distant. Standard area light sources can be identified to represent bulbs, ceiling lights and other light emitting objects, giving you flexibility with the lighting arrangements in your designs.

The sharp caustics available with Iray+ simulate complex light patterns, adding another layer of realism to your designs, image creations and lighting simulations. Due to the realistic and physically based nature of the lighting models you can see effects such as soft shadows and can create interactive lighting structures.


In addition to the ready-to-use lighting, designers can gain a deeper understanding of different lighting options by creating customised lighting profiles based upon the preset lighting features. Light sources can be customised by adding specific light values into the system, allowing for greater personalised interaction with their designs. This flexibility with the lighting structure means specific design requirements can be achieved using Iray+.

Your customised lighting set-up based on the ready-to-use lighting features allows you to see how interior and exterior lights react with your designs. Architects can test different lighting iterations for interior design, whilst jewellery, automotive and apparel companies can see how their products react to light in the studio design stage. The light profiles provided by Iray+ give you a wide-range of scope for testing different lighting set-ups and simulations.

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