Beta programme and SIGGRAPH demos; George Matos, Blue Marble

George Matos, one of our most engaged beta testers for the Iray+ for 3ds Max plug-in, joined us at SIGGRAPH to share his experiences of using the product. See what he has to say.


I've worked in visualisation and have been involved in visualisation software development for 18 years. The recent developments, and enhancements, to the software and hardware we use everyday has made our workflow as fast as it can be, which, in-turn, has sped-up our collaboration and turn-around time for in house review with designers and clients.

The development of Iray+ for 3ds Max has helped to meet the requirements that many companies, including mine, have been looking for in-terms of feature updates. Meaning that we can apply the latest techniques and  features to our client work, enhancing our reputation and expanding our portfolio, without the usual wait times.

Being involved in the beta programme [Iray+ for 3ds Max] has given me the opportunity to make sure that the current workflow is working as well as it can be and also to provide an insight on how it can be enhanced in different areas. An important and frequently used feature for us is lighting analysis, having this embedded in Iray+ for 3ds Max is huge time saver, as is the ability to work in the interactive real-time mode, which helps when interacting with a model or demoing projects to internal staff or clients.

SIGGRAPH gave me the chance to share these 'beta' experiences and how Iray+ can be part of the design process; explaining how we use the different features and how they benefit our workflow gave other designers and Max users an insight into how it can actually be applied and what it would really mean for their working practices. It was also interesting to hear about the challenges that other companies have in their workflows and what solutions they use.

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