Camera Modes; stylised visuals with no post production.

For this month’s feature, we focus on the camera effects available with Iray+.

With the photographic features Iray+ provides, there is no need to spend time perfecting your image in post-production applications. The specialised camera features available with Iray+ means that images require no post-production work, as camera effects can be applied in the same application. Features such as filters, interactive tone mapping, motion blur and depth-of-field allow you to interact with your image as you would in Photoshop. Your renders can be viewed using similar controls, settings and functions you would find in a regular camera, saving you time and delivering stunning results.

Due to the features available with camera effects, designers can perfect images and animations precisely. With the stylistic angles available, your images can be infused with motion, depth and other effects making it more dynamic than a flat photoreal image created in another rendering application. With the photographic features available with Iray+, you are able to close the gap between design and reality even further by creating striking images and animations to meet your exact needs.


Interactive Tone Mapping

Dynamic components within the Interactive Tone Mapping feature allow the designer to have greater interaction with brightness, shadows and highlights. The fully dynamic aspect of these components allow for changes to be made whilst the image is processing, meaning final design decisions don’t have be decided before the image is rendered. This allows designers to focus saturation or white-points on specific areas to get the desired result. Whether interactive tone mapping is used to create aesthetically precise images, to emphasise image details or to maximise image contrast, Iray+ gives you the tools to achieve your goals.


Iray+ has a wide range of special filters that can be applied to an image or animation as you desire. Whether you want a subtle change or a more prominent effect numerous options are available to give a dramatic post-process effect. For example the new Bloom filter approximates a bloom/glare result, allowing for subtle effects like adding slight halos to emissive objects.   

In Camera Depth-of-Field

The Depth-of-Field feature works across all render modes. Using the focus range ability of Iray+ depth-of-field can be applied across the full scene including environments and backplates. Iray+ Depth-of-Field is crucial in mimicking the behaviour of a real-world camera, negating the need for post-production.

Motion Blur

Motion blur allows you to provide an idea of motion in still images and of fluidity in rendered animations. In a still image Iray+ simulates the blur caused by objects moving while the camera shutter is open. Using the technology available with Iray+ you can easily create the blurred effect of objects moving through a photographic frame or a camera moving around an object. By applying special animated transforms to either an object or a camera that describes the movement during the shot, Iray+ generates this dramatic effect to both still images and rendered animations.

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