Working with BOXX Technologies, again.

There must be a symbiotic relationship between software and hardware for the advancement of the industry and a better overall user experience. More powerful hardware makes it easier for software developers to incorporate complex and high-compute power reliant features.  And, increased software adoption across businesses, enhanced graphics and gaming platforms and the adoption of VR and AR in marketing and customer experiences generation makes the need for dedicated, smaller, faster and accessible hardware more important than ever.

Events like SIGGRAPH are a great example of how the two are linked and what can be achieved in the advancement of CGI, immersive environments and design workflow applications. This year, as last, we will be showing the beauty and versatility of our software (Iray+, based on NVIDIA's Iray) with help from BOXX Technologies (BOXX) and their powerful workstations.

We've worked with BOXX several times before at different exhibitions and testing compute power for specific installations and applications; having consistency of hardware, and the results it gives, is a must when demonstrating software. This year we'll be using two APEXX 4 workstations each stacked with four graphics cards from NVIDIA - three K6000s and one K2200. These workstations are specifically designed for multiple GPUs and to 'tear through rendering and simulation tasks' which is just what we need to show the ease and saleability of Iray+, whether it's in our Iray+ for 3ds Max plug-in or the Converse configuartor.

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