Showcasing our Innovation at SIGGRAPH 2015

In just a few weeks, the team here at Lightworks will be heading west to Los Angeles, to demonstrate our renowned 3D visualisation technology and creative expertise at the prestigious SIGGRAPH conference.

At our stand (number 923) we’ll be showcasing our range of applications and integration services, which support a multitude of sectors throughout every stage of the design workflow, from concept to the point-of-sale.

One of the most eagerly-anticipated rendering applications we’ll be showing at the conference is our Iray+ for 3ds max plug-in, part of NVIDIA’S Iray for Autodesk suite of plug-ins, which are being showcased at this year’s SIGGRAPH event.

We developed Iray+ (built on NVDIA's Iray)  to make it more accessible to developers and create applications that would enhance the design workflow.

The plug-in, which will be sold by NVIDIA, enables 3d Max users to create high quality images and animated content that truly represents their product or design concept, using:

 - Intuitive, real-world material structures, lighting and photographic settings, allowing users to create new materials in the same way they would be manufactured, or found in nature, building layers on top of the structure’s core geometry to create highly complex finishes such as scratches, multi-layered paint peel or rust

 - Comprehensive material library and ready to use lighting options

 - Switch between Photoreal and Interactive render modes - both of which use physically based materials.    


We’ll also be demonstrating how our Iray+ software can be used to create completely flexible configurators for use throughout the design process, from workflow to the point-of-sale, using a customisable Converse trainer as an example experience.

Visitors to our stand will be able to see how we've done this and use our latest configurator to customise the shoe, changing design elements such as the material, stitching and colour of the trainer in real-time and with consistent results at every stage, as well as being able to sketch their own personal designs on a tablet and see their designs appear on the shoe in front of them.

Dave Forrester, Managing Director of Lightworks, said: “We’re thrilled to be attending SIGGRAPH, again, and to be showcasing our range of technologies, including our Iray+ for 3ds Max plug-in and our latest configurator.

“The Beta testing we’ve carried on the plug-in to date has shown fantastic results across a multitude of sectors, so we’re sure audiences at SIGGRAPH will be impressed by its flexibility and creative capabilities.

"We’re particularly excited to have our Converse trainer configurator with us on the stand, allowing attendees to try the technology for themselves and to see just how flexible it is, as well as how we can work with companies to create bespoke applications and configurators to meet their needs, no matter what sector they work in, or what stage of the design process they want it for.”

To demonstrate the capabilities of our team and the Iray+ technology we’ve teamed up with
BOXX Technologies (BOXX), using two hi-spec APEXX 4 machines, each with one Quadro K22000 three K6000 GPUs.

Nikola Alevizos, Marketing Manager at Lightworks, added: “We’ve got a long-standing relationship with the team at BOXX and it’s going to be great to work with them again at this year’s SIGGRAPH. Having the right hardware makes all the difference to our software demonstrations and the overall user experience.”

We’re also proud to be welcoming George Matos, Chief Executive Officer of Blue Marble 3D, USA, to our stand as a guest speaker. George has been trialing the beta version of Iray+ for 3ds Max and will be sharing his experience of using the product, holding a Q&A session at 2pm Tuesday to Thursday (11th-13th August).

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