Interactive mode; speed and clarity to strengthen your workflow

For this month’s feature, we look into the three Interactive render modes available with Iray+; Interactive Fast, Interactive Direct and Interactive Preview.

When it comes to rendering, there is a constant balancing act between image quality and render time. On the one hand, you would like your images to be previewed as clearly as possible, but on the other hand, you would like your renders to resolve as rapidly as possible.

Here at Lightworks, we understand this balancing act undertaken by designers on a daily basis and this is why the three Interactive modes were created. From creating a mock up and checking grey-scale renders to making slight adjustments before committing to final renders, each mode caters to your needs throughout your workflow.

The Interactive mode minimises render noise through the use of advanced optimisation algorithms, that mimic photorealism, and through the use of path space filtering, which removes noise from the final frame. This creates a seamless transition between Interactive and Photoreal modes. There are different levels of interactvity available: 


Interactive Fast

As the name suggests, this is the real-time Interactive mode which most the rapid response time. With Interactive Fast, you will see almost instant feedback and navigation of your model. The approximate ambient lighting effects allow you to test the accuracy of your model faster than ever before, gaining speed in your visualisation workflow straight from the off. Enjoy real-time ray traced navigation and an experience that takes the place of the best OpenGL rendering available. Using this mode at the very start of your design process allows you to quickly mock-up and check grey-scale renders.

Interactive Direct

The Interactive Direct mode combines direct lighting effects, ray traced ambient occlusions and diffused global illuminations. We designed this mode to be used when creating initial design stills and animations. Begin by adding one of the many ‘out-of-the-box’ real-world materials to your model, adjust lighting effects and receive super quick feedback. This mode uses a fast diffuse global illumination, which allows you to make the initial design decisions early, without any delay.

Interactive Preview

This preview mode bridges the gap between the Interactive and Photoreal modes. Although you are working in an Interactive mode, it’s nearly impossible to tell. With direct lighting and sophisticated approximated global illumination models, you’ll achieve fully interactive renders that look incredibly realistic. We recommend using this mode when you’re nearing the final stages of your design process. You can easily change and amend your scene, enhance lighting and change materials with ease and speed in this Interactive mode; but still achieve enough clarity to make pivotal design decisions.

To watch a video comparison of the render modes in action, click here.

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