Iray+ materials - collaboration & sharing

Following on from last month’s feature, which took a closer look at Iray+ materials, we delve into the material collaboration and sharing ability available in Iray+.

In this feature, you will discover how to create new materials efficiently through collaboration and how the sharing compatibility of Iray+ creates smooth workflows.

NVIDIA’s Iray is embedded in a suite of products used by professionals in many industries including automotive, architecture, product and interior design and many more; with each of these industries using different materials for various purposes. Iray+ is built on top of Iray and presents enhanced, complex materials in a simplistic way. This is why we have created an expansive material library, which is the basis for creating virtually any material.

The Material Definition Language (MDL) in Iray+ provides a powerful method for expressing and sharing any material. This real-world approach to materials (discussed here) allows efficient reuse and sharing of each component between different materials. For example, you could take the Paint, Varnish and Decal from a Pine wood base and add it to a Plaster or Concrete Base. Very quickly you’ll have created a new material from these building blocks without the arduous work of starting from scratch every time.

The large library of materials already in Iray+ for 3ds Max means it’s extremely quick to create unique materials that truly represent the real world materials in your product.

 Image created by Nik Nastev 

(Image created by Nik Nastev)

The open nature of MDL allows sharing between communities and between applications removing much of the repetition usually involved in complex projects.

Iray+ for 3ds Max, along with all other Iray+ enabled applications and solutions, share compatibility with other Iray enabled software. This means MDL materials and other elements can be used at every stage during a workflow from prototyping, review, simulation and manufacture. Iray+ for 3ds Max includes conversion from mental ray® and Autodesk materials, quickly bringing any existing scenes up-to-date.

As you can see, Iray+ is designed to open the doors of possibility in design and engineering. We believe that presenting the highest quality real-world materials in an easy-to-use way and facilitating collaboration, will allow maximum creativity and efficiency in your workflow. If you would like to find out more about Iray+, then please visit our website. If you would like to become part of the beta test programme for Iray+ for 3ds Max, or be notified when the plug-in is released, you can do so here.

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