Iray+ demo on BOXX brand new APEXX 5 machines at GTC

We’re pleased to announce that we’re once again working with BOXX Technologies (BOXX) at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) from 17-20 March 2015.

Having powered our demonstrations with BOXX workstations at previous events, we were eager to work with them again at GTC. BOXX are expert providers of workstations built for ultimate rendering power, and as such, their workstations enable us to demo our rendering technology, Iray+ to maximum effect.

This year at GTC we’ll be showcasing our soon-to-be released rendering plug-in Iray+ for 3ds Max. The plug-in enables 3ds Max users to create the most sophisticated, physically based rendered images in an intuitive approach based on real-world design processes.

BOXX will be providing the Lightworks’ team with two different specification of workstation at GTC, the APEXX 2 and their newly released APEXX 5. The APEXX 2 is their most popular machine for CAD design and 3D modeling and supports two full length GPUs. The APEXX 5 is their most powerful workstation to date – configurable with up to two Intel Xeon processors, and running four NVIDIA K6000 GPUs at GTC (although it can host up to five GPUs!) It will be great to run the Iray+ for 3ds Max demo on two different workstations which enables us to provide realistic demos for all levels of users, no matter their hardware budget or rendering requirements.

Nikola Alevizos, Marketing Manager at Lightworks comments; “It’s great to be working with BOXX Technologies at GTC – we can rely on BOXX to consistently provide us with top of the range, powerful workstations and hardware that allows us to demo our rendering tech to full effect. We’re excited to be using their new APEX 5 machine, utilising four NVIDIA K6000 GPUs; this will help us to showcase the Iray+ for 3ds Max photorealistic and interactive render modes running at optimum performance. Working with BOXX is always a pleasure and we’re sure audiences at GTC will be impressed with both our intuitive new plug-in for 3ds Max, and the new BOXX workstation powering it.”

“APEXX 5 provides the absolute maximum performance for Lightworks Iray+, which enables organizations to achieve a state-of-the-art visualization experience across all 3D applications and processes,” said BOXX Technical Marketing Manager Joe Pizzini.“This demo will allow attendees to fully experience the performance of Iray+ when supported by the world’s most advanced workstation.”

Head to stand 529 at GTC to demo the Iray+ for 3ds Max plug-in running on BOXX workstations.

While you're at GTC drop by room LL21E, at 2pm on Wed 18th March, to see Dave Hutchinson and Dave Coldron's talk - "Custom Iray Applications and MDL for Consistent Visual Appearance Throughout Your Pipeline."

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