A closer look at the Iray+ API

Simple to integrate. Powerful in application.

With over 25 years experience in the CAD market the Lightworks’ team are industry-leading experts in integration. Having integrated rendering technology within world-leading CAD applications, such as Siemens NX, the team have extensive experience building SDKs with accessible APIs. We understand that for our customers there is a fine balance to strike between achieving powerful rendering performance and simplicity of integration; our SDKs enable our customers to integrate the most powerful rendering technology within their pipelines and applications in the most efficient way.

It was with this mentality, and expert skill set, that we developed the Lightworks Iray+ SDK, which presents all the power of NVIDIA’s Iray in the most accessible way. We’ve created a unique and easy-to-use C++ API layer that ‘wraps around’ the original Iray SDK to make the integration of Iray technology fast, and simple to support. In doing so we’ve removed technical barriers to integration; the C++ API provides a clear, logical pathway to follow, so any developer with C++ knowledge can begin integration of Iray+.

Not only have we made Iray easier to integrate, but we’ve also developed an exclusive API that gives you simpler access to NVIDIA’s industry-leading MDL materials. NVIDIA’s MDL (Material Definition Language) provides the most powerful and sophisticated materials available on the market. However, with this power comes a degree of complexity; we’ve removed these complexities by creating a material API that is widely accessible and easy-to-use. We’ve structured material creation to mirror real-world material creation processes. This allows designers to build their materials from the base component (which produces the fundamental appearance) up by adding layers such as paints, varnish and decals; this unique process allows 3D Artists to quickly create complex, sophisticated materials based on MDL. (Look out for next month’s feature which focuses on materials in-depth.)

Ian Nurse, Lightworks’ lead Technical Consultant has extensive experience of working closely with our customers to manage integrations of Iray+. Ian speaks about Iray+:

“We’re really pleased with the integration results we’ve achieved so far with the Iray+ SDK. The API we’ve created has simplified the integration process a lot. Presenting the core functionality of Iray in a much more accessible manner means it’s now possible to have a working integration of the most powerful rendering tech within just a couple of days. The material API has received great feedback from customers, and proves to be one of the major pluses for Iray+ -- after all, sophisticated materials produce great images.”

Although Iray+ is the most accessible rendering technology available, we understand that customers need support throughout the integration process. We offer a variety of technical consultancy options, including both remote and on-site support, to ensure that the integration process runs as smoothly as possible for our customers.

If you’d like to find out more about Iray+, speak to one of our experts today; iray@lightworkdesign.com

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