Interactive Fast; one of the four Iray+ render modes

For the first Iray+ feature 2015, we begin with the core functionality of our rendering solution: the Iray+ render modes.

If you’re a seasoned 3d designer, 3ds Max user, or work in the CAD design space you’ll probably have heard of Iray+ - it’s an interactive, photorealistic rendering solution, based on NVIDIA’s high-performance, and physically based, global illumination technology Iray.

At the forefront of Interactive rendering, Iray+ is designed for optimum performance in virtually every possible use case scenario, with not one, but three Interactive modes, as well as the second-to-none Photorealistic mode. Interactivity is a key differentiator of Iray+, greatly enhancing the productivity of any design pipeline, by allowing designers to make decisions faster; get real-time feedback on changes made to all settings including geometry, materials and lighting.

Each mode offers a unique rendering experience, for the optimum balance of quality and speed, plus consistent material quality and representation at every stage of the visualisation workflow:

Iray+ render modes

Interactive Fast

As the name suggests, this is the fastest real-time interactive rendering option available; enjoy almost instant feedback and navigation of your model. The approximate ambient lighting effects enable you to check the accuracy of your models quicker than ever before, speeding up your visualisation workflow from the beginning. Use this mode at the very start of your design process to quickly mock up and check grey-scale renders.

Interactive Direct

This mode is ideal for quickly creating initial design stills and animations. Start adding one of the many ‘out-of-the-box’ real-world materials to your model, change lighting effects and receive super quick feedback. This mode uses a fast diffuse global illumination, allowing you to make the initial design decisions easily, without any delay.

Interactive Preview

Although you’re working in an Interactive mode it’s almost impossible to tell. With direct lighting and sophisticated approximated global illumination models, you’ll achieve fully interactive renders that look incredibly realistic. Use this mode when you’re nearing the final stages of your design process; easily change and amend your scene, enhance lighting and change materials in this Interactive mode for ease and speed.


Now you’re ready to create final production renders, you can switch to Photoreal mode. This high-performance mode generates physically accurate, photorealistic imagery; full global illumination, caustics and luminance distributions are progressively refined for the highest quality final frame output. The Photoreal mode brings the real-world materials and lighting to life, producing stunning final production renders that are a 100% true representation of your design in a real-world setting.

And, because Iray+ is a flexibly scalable solution you can greatly enhance your rendering performance across GPUs, Cloud or Render Farm services. Achieve near linear performance improvement with every GPU card added; enhance Iray+ rendering performance as you need – no matter what render mode you’re using.

To watch a video comparison of the four render modes in action, click here.

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