The Iray+ for 3ds Max Beta program has launched!

We’re pleased to announce that the Iray+ for Autodesk 3ds Max plug-in Beta program is now live.

Over the past few months we’ve been working closely in partnership with NVIDIA to build a strong list of Beta testers, comprised of 3ds Max power users, to try out our new intuitive and easy-to-use visualisation plug-in for the leading 3d design application. Now the Beta program is live, we’re looking forward to collecting some great feedback that will inform the development of the final version of the plug-in.

Surpassing the current functionality of the Iray version inside 3ds Max, the plug-in boasts many enhancements, including an intuitive, real-world approach to material creation, lighting and camera set-ups. The plug-in allows you to easily create complex real-world materials, based on NVIDIA’s MDL (Material Definition Language); materials are built in a top down structure, using multiple layers, which allows for highly complex finishes, such as paint peel and rust, chips and scratches. Plus, the plug-in enables conversion of Mental Ray materials and lighting and Autodesk Protein Library materials to Iray+ for your ease of use.

Iray+ links directly to the Iray SDK, rather than via the Mental Ray connection and as a result enables full access to remote and cluster rendering, as well as great feedback during setup with Iray Interactive render mode. Iray+ for 3ds Max slots seamlessly into 3ds Max, with formatting that is clear and familiar to 3ds Max users and provides them with the full benefits of Iray.

If you’re a keen 3ds Max user there is still time to apply to the Beta program; visit

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