Focusing on the Iray SDK; Lightworks new site launches

We’re pleased to launch our new website today; this site is dedicated specifically to the Iray SDK and provides all the technical information you need to inform the selection of Iray as your integrated rendering engine of choice

The website has been designed for technical experts with responsibility for R&D and product development and for those interested in visualisation technology. You can quickly and conveniently find all the information you need about Iray, as an integrated rendering solution for workflows and applications, by easily navigating through an attractive, clean website interface. We provide a comprehensive list of Iray features, details of our service offerings, full developer guides and whitepapers, as well as stunning images galleries across various design sectors. You can easily learn about Iray in-depth or simply browse the galleries; whatever level of detail you require the information is presented clearly for you.

Nikola Alevizos, Senior Marketing Executive at Lightworks, commented: “Tailoring our product offerings to meet specific market needs is at the centre of our commercial strategy; that’s why we've created a new website focused specifically on the Iray SDK. The site combines comprehensive information on the SDK, designed for those within technical and product development roles. Now any company that wants to benefit from the unparalleled visualisation quality of Iray can easily access an evaluation version of the product.”

We hope that you’ve enjoyed visiting our new website and that you’re now feeling well informed about Iray technology. If you’re interested in trying Iray for free, we’ve made it simple for you; complete the short form on the ‘Try Iray’ page and we’ll send you an evaluation copy.

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*Iray is a registered trademark of NVIDIA ARC GmbH, licensed for use by Lightwork Design Ltd.

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