3D visualisation and rendering technology specialists

Who We Are

Lightworks have over 25 years experience bringing the best visualisation and rendering technologies to companies across a variety of sectors through our visualisation specialists.

We've partnered with NVIDIA to give developers easy access to their Iray technology and our skills, expertise and support.  We believe in making rendering technology easy to work with, that's why we have streamlined the Iray API and created a simplified MDL, known as Iray®+ SDK (like the name suggests, it's Iray but with more features and functionality!)


 Meet the Lightworks Iray+ Team





Iray® is a registered trademark of NVIDIA ARC GmbH used under license from the NVIDIA Corporation

Case Studies

Cadalog Inc

Cadalog Inc

Cadalog, Inc specialise in the distribution and localisation of CAD and computer graphics products, specifically in the Asian market for architectural and interior design review. Cadalog, Inc gain their largest revenue from being one of the distributors reselling SketchUp Pro. They also produce multiple plugins for SketchUp, solely geared towards high quality visualisation.

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