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Work in Interactive, Preview and Photoreal modes

Render modes

The flexible and interchangeable nature of the Iray render modes means that every mode, Interactive, Preview and Photoreal can be customised using easily changeable parameters; decide on the appropriate level of photorealism and interactivity for each use case and seamlessly switch between modes.


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Use physically based materials


Iray's MDL defines the material properties and parameters for all components; surface colour, reflections and refractions, light emissions, surface scatter, displacements and bumpmaps are all easily changeable.

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Flexible and simple API

Iray is easy to integrate with powerful C++ APIs and clear examples procedures to you step-by-step through the process. The flexibility of the APIs allow for tailored workflow exposure in-line with your application or soloution. To see how Lightworks used the Iray SDK, review our Iray+ for 3ds Max case study.

With over 25 years of experience in the CAD market, our team has extensive experience building SDKs with accessible APIs. We have created an API which is a perfect balance of powerful rendering performance and simplicity of integration. Our API is a unique and easy to use C++ API that ‘wraps around’ the original Iray SDK to make the integration of Iray technology fast and simple to support. In addition to this our API gives simpler access to NVIDIA’s MDL materials, which provide sophisticated materials to all users. Using our powerful yet simple API users can integrate complex rendering software technology into their workflow and applications in an efficient and effective manner.

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Lightworks' integration consultants will assist in the smooth implementation of the Iray SDK.

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Reduce the need for post production with photographic effects

Iray+ has a range of photographic features that can be applied in the same way as you would work with a camera; easily create stills and animations that don't require post-production using filters, depth-of-field, tone mapping and motion blur.

Users can perfect images and animations using the different camera modes available with Iray+. Images are more dynamic than an unedited photo using these effects, giving the impression of motion, depth, contrast and more. With no need to use a different application for post production, camera effects close the gap between design and reality.

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