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Work in Interactive, Preview and Photoreal modes

Render modes

The flexible and interchangeable nature of the Iray render modes means that every mode, Interactive, Preview and Photoreal can be customised using easily changeable parameters; decide on the appropriate level of photorealism and interactivity for each use case and seamlessly switch between modes.




The interactive mode minimises render noise through the use of advanced optimisation algorithms, that mimic photorealism, and through the use of path space filtering, which removes noise from the final frame. This creates a seamless transition between interactive and other render modes. There are different levels of interactvity available:

Fast Interactive
Using approximate ambient lighting effects with ray traced materials this is the fastest interactive option available; enjoy real-time ray traced navigation and an experience that supersedes the best OpenGL rendering available.

Interactive Direct
Ideal for quickly creating initial design stills and animations the Interactive Direct mode combines direct lighting effects, ray traced ambient occlusions and diffused global illuminations.

Interactive Preview
Review design changes quickly and easily with the Interactive Preview mode that combines direct lighting and approximated global illumination models.



The photoreal mode in Iray brings real world materials and lighting behaviours to all applications. This high-performance mode generates photorealistic imagery, full global illumination, caustics and luminance distribution through progressive refinements for the highest quality final frame output, ideal for final image production.