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Make the most of comprehensive lighting and environment options

Iray+ comes with a range of lighting types and options; add the values for your lights into the system and they will interact correctly with the physically based materials to produce true photorealistic visualisation, no matter what your configuration. 



  • Physical sky and image-based lighting
  • standard point, spot, distant
  • area light sources
  • emission materials
  • photometric sources.


Ready to use lighting

Iray+ provides ready to use materials and the lighting to match. Starting with the Physically correct Sky, a range of pre-calibrated HDR images are supplied for exterior, interior and studio-based environments. In addition, Iray has a range of material emissions and example goniometric lights preset to render - create your own custom profiles alongside these.

Lighting flexibility

Iray+ has a flexible approach to lighting arrangements and structures, giving users the chance to interact with myriad lighting options within their scene. Iray+ likes light, so the more lighting there is in a scene the faster an image will converge. Feedback on lighting behaviour is enhanced through the accuracy of external and internal light emitting objects, and with light path expressions users have ultimate flexibility over potential lighting structures.