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Utilise multiple options for distributed rendering

Local and distributed rendering scalability

Distribute your rendering workload efficiently across multiple platforms, scaling the performance as appropriate for your use case.

Local CPU and GPU

Iray is fully multithreaded for CPU and automatically distributes rendering across all CPU resources. By adding one or more additional GPUs to a single machine you will experience near linear performance improvement with each card added. For information on the latest GPUs available, including specifications, please visit the NVIDIA site.

Remote rendering across Local Area Network (LAN) or Cloud

Make the most of the compute power across your Local Area Network; distribute render tasks across your LAN with multi-user operation and take advantage of the ability to dynamically add to the LAN-cluster to increase compute capacity without the need to restart Iray.


The NVIDIA® Iray® Visual Computing Appliance (VCA) combines hardware and software to greatly accelerate your Iray workflow. Each VCA consists of eight high-end NVIDIA GPU's each with 12GB of graphics memory. Accessible to anyone via your network, or through the cloud, multiple VCAs can be combined to serve rendering power on demand